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Nestlé, Greenpeace, trends and impact

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By way of a quick follow-up to the Nestlé Facebook social media, I thought it might be worth seeing the impact of the whole affair on the Nestlé and Greenpeace brands, and on the issue of palm oil in KitKats. This is pretty basic stuff - I'm using Twitter as my search medium, just recording mentions. If anyone has the kit to do some up-to-date sentiment analysis, it would be great to see (though I can guess). This from Trendistic:

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So, perhaps because of the ensuing Facebook fan page disaster, the affair seems to have driven talk about Nestlé more than it has talk about Greenpeace, but there's still been a credible showing for Greenpeace, who broke the story and have drummed up a lot of the publicity. (Interestingly, mentions of Nestlé spiked a day before mentions of Greenpeace, suggesting that this was first being identified as a story about Nestlé, not a story from Greenpeace, which is understandable.)

KitKats are also being mentioned a lot, over a similar timeframe to Greenpeace, suggesting the campaign message was being picked up on. The specific issue - palm oil - rates a lot lower though, so any follow-up from Greenpeace might want to reinforce that.

# Alex Steer (19/03/2010)