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Time I got back into this blogging lark, isn't it?

That's going to happen both here, and at a Fabric product blog we'll be starting soon. It's been a busy few months, during which we've launched our product, brought on new some major new clients, and started nailing down our positioning, moving out of stealth mode and become a serious part of the marketing data landscape.

If you don't know Fabric or what we do: we help global brands use data to make the most of their digital content. Our main product is a web app that helps marketers see how their digital content is performing. We've been quiet for a long time while big data's been going through its hype phase, but we're now collecting a billion lines of data a day for 150 brands in 25 markets, so it's time to make a bit more noise.

In a polite British way, of course.

# Alex Steer (14/06/2014)