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Three ways to be fearless with big data

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Okay, it's been a bit quiet on this blog recently - largely because it's been rather busy with actual work.

But I wanted to share a presentation I gave a few weeks back to the Market Research Society's advertising research summit in London. It's called Three ways to be fearless with big data, and was the last presentation slot after a really impressive and varied day in which some genuinely smart people from across the research industry showed how they were innovating and informing creative advertising. I decided to round off the day by talking about the gap between how people are talking about big data and how people are really using it - and with some concrete proposals about how to use it realistically.

At some point I'll add speakers' notes to this. For now consider this a contribution to Slideshare's ongoing game of modern hieroglyphic detection via PowerPoint...

# Alex Steer (29/10/2013)