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Switched-off futures - two quick thoughts

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This is a note on a couple of things I'm thinking about. No, not Five Things; just two, to remind myself to write a bit more about them here.

I'm thinking, as I sometimes do, about the challenges that new media and technologies are going to run up against once the initial enthusiasm for them dampens a bit. Right now I'm wondering about a couple of things - social reactions to the energy cost of always-on mass distributed computing (i.e. what happens to digital channels if unlimited data becomes not cool?), and possible rejections of mobile in developing markets. Essentially the idea that the 'mobile boom' might come to be seen as parasitic for not just outstripping but preventing capital infrastucture development.

Both of these, as usual, have come out of great conversations, which I'll no doubt do endless damage to by trying to write them up into posts.

# Alex Steer (11/03/2011)