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The Godwinometer - measuring crazy Hitler references in real time

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I had some spare time today, and was thinking about how planners should make things, and then I was thinking about Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies. So I made this:

@godwinometer Twitter screenshot

@godwinometer listens to Twitter for references to Hitler. Then it works out how quickly the internet is churning out Hitler references, and expresses the result as a 'Time to 100 Hitlers': the time it's taken for the hundred most recent Hitler references to be tweeted.

@godwinometer tweets every fifteen minutes. It's sort of a measure of how crazy the internet is, right now.

(Of course, many of these could be legitimate references to Hitler by historians. But it's more fun if you don't think about that.)

The Godwinometer's written in PHP and is called by a cron job. Once it's been running for 24 hours or so it'll start auto-generating daily trended charts of activity levels in Hitlers Per Minute.

Just a bit of fun for people who like (a) the web, (b) numbers, (c) logical flaws or (d) Hitler (hmm, maybe not you). If you can find any use for it, enjoy.

# Alex Steer (06/11/2010)